Ashley Arbaiza was born in Pottsville Pennsylvania. After growing up in a log cabin surrounded by bears in the Endless Mountains, she moved to New York City attending Wagner College. She completed her degree in 2011 at Penn State University with a BFA in painting and drawing. As a student at Penn State, Ashley was a part of the Full Ammo Improv Troupe. Improv prompted a shift in her work from oil painting to magazine collage where, like improv, the outcome was less able to be controlled and the process itself was the reward. Though oil painting is once again her primary medium the inspiration of improv and collage are still present in her work. Ashley currently resides in Hershey Pennsylvania, the sweetest place on earth!, where her love of architecture and painting come together in her mid-century modern inspired home and studio. Her artwork has appeared in bars and upscale galleries alike. Most recently in the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Hot Chicks Room and in the film “The Far Field” which earned a place in the 2016 Nantucket Film Festival.


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